About Me

My Work


Robin T. is a singer/songwriter who entertains senior citizens throughout Southeastern Michigan. She travels about with her cocker spaniel puppy, Patsy, who is without a doubt the real star of the show. When not singing or writing, Robin loves to do prayer walks with anyone who can keep up and ride her bicycle around town. She is a member of the Christian Reformed Church.

My Testimony

On Sept. 5th of 2009 I began a new journey with Jesus. For 35 years prior to that I was an active homosexual. Taking dysfunction to a whole new level, my life was a complete train wreck. The morning of my 54th birthday (9/5) God in His mercy welcomed me back with open arms and every day since I have thanked Him for His amazing goodness and love. My story is one that will drive many to cheer, others to blow a gasket and perhaps even a few will have hope that there is a way out. My challenge for everyone is to Dare to Believe that the God of the Bible is still in the business of transforming lives and healing messed up sinners.